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What happens if I die?

Please note: You are defined as being unconscious and not dead

If you get killed, there are two possible outcomes.

1) If there is an EMT online, you will get the option to call an EMT. Regardless of whether you call an EMT or not, a 15 minute timer will begin to countdown before you are given the option to select a re-spawn location. If an EMT makes it to you in time, he will attempt to revive you, otherwise he will take you to a Hospital to be revived.

2) If no EMT is online, you will still get the option to call an EMT, this will trigger the Emergency Automated Medical Technician (Or Robodoc as he has been called by some) who will respond quickly to your call but don't worry if you die in a rather inaccessable location, after the 7 minutes you are given the option to select a re-spawn location.

If you were killed in a crime or need CLPD assistance you can call both the EMT's and the CLPD with the death screen menu.

When you are killed and the countdown timer commences, all your money, weapons and items will drop on the ground around you. They can be picked up by any player, so if the emt or a friend doesn't pick up your items for safekeeping then they can be stolen.

The New Life Rules of City Life

To prevent exploitation of what is known as The New Life Rule, City Life have made it very simple:

• There is no new life rule whatsoever.

This means that no matter how you die, if you are wanted for a crime, have a warrant for your arrest, or a fine you didn't pay, you will still be held accountable until you decide to turn yourself in or when your caught.