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VIP Mission

To start a VIP Mission go to Club7 and go talk to the bartender. She will give you the information for $10,000. At least one cop must be online before you can start the mission.
As the mission is started two markers will appear on the map. One with the current location and one with his destination. The starting location and destination of the VIP changes everytime the mission is started.
Your mission is to kill the VIP before he reaches his destination, but he doesn't travel alone so he has an unknown number of bodyguards with him for protection so you better be prepared.
When you have killed the VIP, you can walk up to their vehicle and select 'Burn car' from your action menu. Once activated you have 15 seconds to get clear of the blast so run like hell!
Once the vehicle is destroyed the mission will be done and you will receive your payment. Payment is random and also depends on how many bodyguards you have killed.

Note: When the mission is activated the CLPD will immediately be notified to protect the VIP and escort him to his destination.

For those who don't know...

Although the VIP and his bodyguards are AI's it still counts as murder when you kill them, so be advised!
See Offence Quick Reference for details on punishments for (attempted) murder, illegal weapons and such.
So think again and make sure you really want to do this!