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Shop Owning:

Before you use any shop in City Life, someone needs to own it. For example. You get your pistol licence and earn enough cash to purchase the pistol shop. Each time someone uses it to buy something, the money is saved in the shop and you need to go there to collect it. The weapon taxes will determine the cut you get when somebody purchases something. Be aware though, someone else can out bid you and purchase the shop from you, this increases the shop re-sale value. Shops can be bought whilst the owner is offline, and the money will automatically get added to their bank account. You will also need the cash on you to purchase the shop.

All shops must also be stocked, so if you run out of stock, nobody can buy from you. However, stocking the shop can be done by anyone.

Abandon Shop option. There is a abandon shop option, so you can sell off your shop when you no longer wish to run it.

Owning your own small shop. This can be obtained from the "U-Build-it" Shop. Once you have placed your small shop you can stock it, set your own prices and close it when ever you want.


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