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Mobile Phone

To access the phone menu with your CL keys on press "Left Ctrl + Spacebar", to get into the phone main menu as shown above, click the cricle on the bottom of the phone.

Main Menu

Main Menu Options
DeVegas Phone MainSettings.png
After opening your phone via ctrl+space, you can click onto settings to change the settings for the game (not the phone). You can change the visuals, chech the weather, toggle game mechanics on and off, save/load TFR config and show your owned houses.
DeVegas Phone Generic.png
The next avaible option is "generic". In there you can save your game (only while in jail or near PD), open the house interaction to buy and manage houses, open your key menu to manage your keys and lock/unlock your car.
DeVegas Phone Communication.png
The last option in the main menu is communications. Here you can use the 311 System, the 141 System, the 911 System, call a Taxi or use the Megaphone. Those will be explanied down below.


Communication Options
Call 311
DeVegas Call311.png
The 311 is a generic server wide message system. You can use it for pretty mutch any kind of information exchange. It is mostly used to contac the CLPD or EMT services without actually being in an emergency situation. It is also used often to call for help or to send a Repo truck over. It is basicly a advertisment system for different kinds of services. Your name will be shown in plain text. If you send threats out you might get charged by the CLPD.
Call 141
DeVegas Call141.png
The 141 system works similar to the 311 system. It is a serverwide message. The difference is, that your name won't be shown. So you can send informations anonym. The service costs $1000 and there is a chance that your voice will be recognised or the coordinates from where you send it will be shown.
Call 911
DeVegas Call911.png
The 911 system is used to call for the EMT or CLPD service in emergency situations. It will show your full name and your coordinates to both the CLPD and EMT services. Abusing this can be punished by the CLPD.
Call a Taxi
DeVegas CallATaxi.png
If you are ever stranded somewhere you can call a Taxi driver to your locations. After a couple of minutes a Taxi will arrive and drive you to your destination of choice. This service will cost you $150 (paid to the taxi driver). If you are in an area that can't be reached by vehicle, a air taxi will pick you up instead.
DeVegas Megaphone.png
The megaphone can be used to shoud whatever you want to persons standing close around you. Your name won't be shown and this will not cost anything. Only works in a small radius.

Phone Menu

To access the actual phone, press the circle on the bottom of the phone as shown in the picture above. You need a mobile phone in your gear to access this. You can buy them at every Gas Station (Gas Station Items)

Communication Options
DeVegas PhoneMenu Phone.png
Over the phone menu you can dial any number you want. Like 911 or the number off a friend.
DeVegas PhoneMenu Messages.png
In here you can send and recive text messages.
DeVegas PhoneMenu Contacts.png
You can see all your contacts in here. You also see your own number and have the EMT/CLPD/NATO in there by default. If the symbol is green the other person is avaible. If it is red they are busy. When the CLPD/EMT/NATO number is green and you call it you will be connected to the dispatcher.
Call Logs
DeVegas PhoneMenu CallLog.png
Your incoming and outcoming calls can be tracked here. You can call back a number if you like.
DeVegas PhoneMenu Settings.png
Change your background, ringtone, sms tone and volume here.

Buttons on the Phone

All buttons on the phone are explained in the picture. Just click on them with your mouse.

For CLPD, NATO, EMT only

To enable Dispatch, check the dispatch box shown in the picture. Afterwards calls will be forwarded to your phone.

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