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The Inventory

The inventory is used to hold all of your CL Items. It can be accessed by pressing “Shift + 1” or by using the scroll-wheel menu and selecting “menu”.

On the top right, there are several actions which can be completed like “Use”, “Throw”, “Drop”, “Give To” and more.

So let’s say you wanted to hand someone 5x Water, in order to do that you’ll have to click on the drop down menu on the right side, select the name of the recipient and then select the item on right side followed by clicking on the “Give To” button.

You can change the quantity of the item by changing the default “1” to any number you wish.


The Action Menu

The action menu is used to perform various action such as interacting with your house or change your view distance. It can be opened by pressing CTRL + SPACE at the same time.

As a civilian, it is divided into three subsections:

Settings - here you can change some CLRPG ingame settings.

Generic - various options such as your vehicle key list or the Shite Chat.

Communications - this gives the options to send different messages all over the server and sides.

311: Non-emergency server-wide messages.
911: Emergency notices to the CLPD and EMT Service.
141: Anonymous server-wide messages with a random chance of being traced.
Server admins can still see who sent each 141s in the logs.

Taxi: Calls a taxi to your location.

Megaphone: This will broadcast your message within a 50 meter radius.

The Animation Menu

You can access this menu by pressing: ` (Tide).

While you are holding down the key you will be able to select and complete a particular animation.


Shop Menus

There are two menus associated with shops.

The first one gives you a few options:

  • It shows you who owns the shop.
  • You can also buy the shop.
  • You can access the shop.
  • If you want to earn some money add some stock.
  • Or petroleum. (Gas stations only!)

The second one is the inventory of the shop and the checkout:

  • You select items to buy on the left.
  • You select items to sell on the right.
  • You can increase the quantities by changing the numbers on the left then pressing the associated button.
  • Press process to buy/sell items.

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