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Login System:

The login system is based of 4 forms of ID (DOB,Name,Password,Player ID) when you first join in a running citylife game a dialog will popup showing your username at the top and your password input box, in here you will need to
drop down box and select your correct DOB then type in a password and click the Register button at this point you have created your City life account. (Don't worry, it will say login tries left "2" after you 1st register)

Now the same login dialog will popup but this time it will say login and not Register Re-enter your DOB and Re-Type your password and click login, you are now logging in.

You get 3 attempts to login to the system if you fail to do so you will be locked out and will be required to shutdown Armed Assault using "Alt & F4".

Trying to created multiple accounts will also lock you out the system with out warning.

No special characters are to be used in your chosen City Life name or it will require you to exit the game to change it.

No special characters are also to be used in your password.

Note: DOB = Date of birth, this is entered in DD-MM-YYYY format