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Main SOP / Guidelines

Legion main SOP and guidelines have been listed below; this are available in further details and explained in more depth to members of Legion.

1)Legion operate solo; if no other Legion are active continue as normal civilian off duty or with base patrols.

2)Respect and comply with the CLPD – We are BLUFOR friendly.

3)Legion are not the CLPD, we do not stop or prevent crime unless it’s directly involved with our operations, i.e. base patrols, convoy or assisting the CLPD with an operation.

4) Members of Legion shall not involve themselves in high profile crimes / gangs; any of such will be reported to Commanders via the CLPD.

5) Legion members have the right to go ‘off-duty’ in which they act as normal civilians and may carry out legit civilians activities; Legion members will not involve themselves in preventing crime / reporting crime during this period – unless the crime is directed at themselves.