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Rules of Court

(1) Whilst court is in session you must do the following

(2) Before entering the Court, you must surrender all munitions.

(3) If you stand as witness you must recite the Oath

(4) turn off your mobile phone and radio

(5) don’t eat, drink or chew gum

(6 )don’t smoke in the courthouse

(7) sit quietly—don’t talk, comment or make noise if you are watching from the public gallery don’t make an audio or visual recording of proceedings without permission.

(8) don’t broadcast the trial in any way unless given authorisation by Justice prior to proceedings.

(9) Appropriate formal attire must be worn no masks or facial garments to be worn.

(10) Citizens found to have entered Court property without permission can be charged with breaching a CLPD Restricted Zone Failure to comply with any of these terms may result in being held in contempt of court.

(11) If you fail to show for your set court appearance the attending justice will recommend the next course of action to be taken. (e.g Justice may wish to reconvene or may continue with sentence without you attending) If you are unable to attend your judicial issued court date (e.g Medical Grounds, Family Grievance or other valid reasons) you must provide in writing the reasons why and forward them on to a member of the judicial committee within 24 hours of your mandated court appearance. The judges decision is final.

Criminal Case

These cases will be dealt with by the courts when a proposed Jail time equals 10 hours or above. Judges operate In accordance with the law but once all things are said and done it is the Judge's decision is final These types of cases can only be brought to the courts by the CLPD.

How does this work?

The CLPD will post a request here to have a person summoned to court for cases where jail time equals to 10 hours or above, once the request has been posted a judge will review the request and set a court date, if a civilian dose not wish to represent themselves legal counsel can be sort.

Civil Dispute

Civil disputes are non criminal affairs these matters may include destruction of property, restraining orders, food poisoning, Breach of Contract, and personal injury you must have evidence sufficient such as [video or photographic] for a case to be brought to trial. however do not post evidence here keep it for the trial. if it is deemed by a judge that you have made false accusations a warrant for contempt of court will be issued for your arrest and you will also have to pay a fine to cover legal fees.

Judicial Hierarchy
  1. Chief Justice
  2. Honorable Justice
  3. Justice
  4. Lawyer
  5. Paralegal