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EMT Logo.jpg

The City Life Emergency Medical Technician Service

About the EMT

The City Life EMT service provides medical aid and rescue services to the civilians and law enforcement officers of Altis and Tanoa. Our accredited training officers provide world class training to our probationary officers and we promote career progression through our many specialist courses.

Chain of Command

Probation -> EMT -> Senior EMT -> Lieutenant -> Captains -> Assistant Chief -> Deputy Chief -> Chief
This Chain of Command, should be followed at all times.

Becoming an EMT

You need to have been a member of City Life for 1 weeks in order to apply
You must be 1 week crime-free prior to the review of your application - Put in an application via the forums. (Only when applications are open) - Wait for your application to be reviewed. - Organise a ride along with an EMT. (Must be ranked EMT or higher) - If your application header changes to [Interview Required] please contact a Station Manager or higher for your interview. - Once the interview is complete the application should take no more than 48hrs to be reviewed and accepted or declined. - If accepted please contact a senior EMT for your training. (Do not go ingame until a trainer instructs you to do so). - If you application has been declined, feel free to reapply next time applications are open.

EMT Specialities

There are 2 Specialities within the EMT service. When accepted into the service you will be a Paramedic and after a set period of service will be able to apply for specialist training. Training will be done by Senior EMTs and above who are qualified in the speciality you have applied for. Specialist training will allow you to wear the uniforms and operate the vehicles linked to that specialty.


They are responsible for running and managing any operation in EMT. They are voted government officials and will remain in their spots till they step down or are voted out internally.


Every member of the Altis and Tanoa EMT Service is a Paramedic and as such are expected to respond to all calls. They have the ability to setup mobile triage centers, perform house calls and setup containment zones.

Fire Department

Fire Department specialise in fire/rescue and handling Hazardous Materials. They are first responders to building fires, plane crashes, chemical spills etc. and secondary response to motor vehicle accidents.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue specialise in Sea and Mountain based rescue. Equipped with cutting edge technology Tanoa Search and Rescue are first responders to any emergency at sea or in rocky terrain.

Unfilled slots in each uniform may be customized by the EMT wearing the Uniform, I.e. Wearing a Fire Dept. Respirator on the Fire Department Coveralls.
However it is also up to the EMT to use common sense with what they wear in these slots I.e. don't wear things like Pig masks or alien masks on Duty
Vests may be taken off on the Polo shirt uniforms as long as the EMT is not in a hazard area I.e. at a call with shots fired or standing by/on the road

All EMT's wear an EMT tactical belt:

EMT Vehicles

All prices are subject to tax fluctuation


The following vehicles can be bought at the EMT Vehicle Shop:


Transitpara.jpg Paramedic Transit Van (Probationary Vehicle) $16,757
Chargerpara.jpg Dodge Charger $34,713
Crownvicpara.jpg Ford Crown Victoria $41,346
Mondeopara.jpg Ford Mondeo $27,017
Subarupara.jpg Subaru Impreza $108,300
Suvpara.jpg SUV $40,413
Escaladepara.jpg Cadillac Escalade $103,113
Xr1000para.jpg XR-1000 $13,680


Clfiretruck.jpg Fire Truck (General Purpose) $171,513
Hazmattruck.jpg Fire Truck (Hazardous Materials) $171,513
Hummerfire.jpg Hummer H1 $108,300
Raptorfire.jpg Ford F150 Raptor $131,613
Escaladefire.jpg Cadillac Escalade $103,113


Hummersar.jpg Hummer H1 $16,169
Raptorsar.jpg Ford F150 Raptor $131,613
Escaladesar.jpg Cadilac Escalade $108,300

Air Vehicles

The following vehicles can be bought at the EMT Air Shop:


Mh9para.jpg MH-9 $399,000
Mh9para.jpg MH-9 Sport $399,000
206para.jpg Bell 206b Jetranger $513,000
Tarupara.jpg Taru $1,083,000
214para.jpg Bell 412 $570,000
Orcapara.jpg Orca $570,000


206fire.jpg Bell 206b Jetranger $513,000
214fire.jpg Bell 412 $570,000
Tarufire.jpg Taru $1,083,000


Hellcatsar.jpg Hellcat $741,000
214sar.jpg Bell 412 $570,000
Mohawksar.jpg Mohawk $855,000

Boat Vehicles

The following vehicles can be bought at the EMT Boat Shop:

EMT Rubber Rescue Boat.jpg Rubber Rescue Boat $7,150
EMT Speedboat.jpg Speedboat $7,150
EMT Sub.jpg Sub $33,000

Green/Yellow: Par Red/Yellow: Fire Orange: Coast Red/Black: Mt.