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Donation Shop

The following items can be bought via the City Life Donation Shop and spawned in game at Donation Shops
Please note that these payments are donations and the gifts that you redeem are non-refundable. If you were to lose your donation item, for example blow up your car, you have to donate again in order to gain another one.
we must make it clear that all donations are voluntary donations and not for in-game content and not refundable. However we will thank you for your voluntary support with a gift.

Custom company (Established) £65.00
Custom company (Novice) £40.00
Custom company (limited) £25.00
Custom vehicle skin (vehicle skin) £25.00
Custom unit outfits (Uniform) £15.00
Custom billboards £10.00
Custom vehicle skin (replacement vehicle skin) £10.00
Custom unit outfits (Gang Cut) £5.00
Custom unit outfits (Replacement uniform) £5.00
Custom Vehicle Horn £5.00
Custom licence plate £5.00
Plastic surgery kit £5.00

Note: prices are subject to change at any time.

Donation Shop's are located in major towns.

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