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Calling System
To access the system with your CL keys on press "Left Ctrl + Spacebar" then select "Communications"

311 System

This is a global announcement system used for calling EMT's, Repo drivers and police in non-emergency situations, such as asking to be released from jail when you've completed your sentence or asking officers to come to repo lot to release your vehicle after it's been impounded.


This is a calling system that contacts the CLPD and EMT's in an emergency. Civilians, including the sender, will not see this message when it is sent.

141 System

This is a global announcement system used to keep you identity anonymous such as bank robberies and hostage negotiations.

  • !!!CAUTION!!! This calling system can be traced back to the player who used it and it will also cost you $1000.00 to use. Randomly after you enter a 141 message it may say [Trace found @ 000/111]


The megaphone can be used to communicate within a 20 meter radius anonymously.

Call Taxi

This is an option which requests a taxi driver to your location, if someone with the job is online at the time they will get notified if no one with the job is online an AI taxi driver will come pick you up.once you get in the cab with the AI a map will appear chose you location and off you go (don't forget to pay the driver)

Call ATC

This is a system that calls Air Traffic Control.

Shite Chat System

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Post Office Messages

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Side Chat

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Vehicle Chat

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mobile phone

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