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About City Life News

City Life News is the press outlet in City Life which not only is aimed at bringing a sense of realism to the server but also is a public advertisement for the mod in a whole. Every member of CLN brings their own reporting style and covers the most relevant and entertaining moments to share with our members and the world! Being a CLN member is not only exciting but helps you engage with the community on a different level than most are used to.

CL News Privileges

  • Fact that you get to be the face and voice of the community.
  • Access to CLN equipment such as vans and choppers.
  • CLN XML to show CL service that you're a reporter.
  • Access to behind the scenes CLPD crimes scene and EMT Info.
  • Access to CLN TS channels to do interviews with people.
  • Work with some of the best in the community such as Click