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The Banking system is a very easy and simple way to Withdraw, Deposit and Transfer money to other players around Tanoa.

Below is what you need to look for to do all types of banking.


Withdrawing Money

To withdraw money you will need to find ATM which are all over the map

Once you find an ATM access it by selecting use ATM.

Then a new screen will appear


enter the selected amount in the withdraw box and then click withdraw.

Please note only $50,000 can be taken out at anyone time unless you are at the bank.

PD and EMT can take $200,000 from any ATM.

Depositing Money

To Deposit money you will need to find a ATM

This time enter the amount you wish to deposit in to your bank account there is no limit; you must have the money on you.


Transferring Money

To Transfer money to player you will need to find a ATM

Access the ATM and enter the amount you wish to transfer in to the deposit section and then find the players name who you wish to transfer the money too.


Transfer will be done right away and put in to their bank.


This is what cash looks like, if dropped on the floor

CL3 Cash.png - $0-$10k

CL3 CashB.png- $10k-$999k

CL3 CashC.png- $1Mil