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The City Life Police Department (CLPD) was establish to help provide law and order to the citizens of the City Life community.
As a Police Officer, one's role is to protect and server the citizens. In order to do this, a Police Officer must enforce the established laws in the CityLife Law Handbook.
Unlike other communities, the officers of the CLPD have undergone rigourous training to ensure that all officers uphold a standard of excellence and follow proper procedure and protocol when dealing with civilians and criminals alike.

== Chain of Command ==
CLPD : Recruit -> Officer -> Senior -> Sergeant -> Lieutenants -> Captain -> Commander

Complaints can be posted here[1].

Use the Chain Of Command to solve the small issues instead of posting a complaint.

Command Staff consist of Commanders, Captains and Lieutenants. Their main responsibility is to make sure that the police is getting the job done.

They also handle complaints and new applications for the Police force.

CLPD Command Staff

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City Life Police Department (CLPD) 

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Senior Officers

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==City Life Police Force Illustration====How to become an Officer==
If you are interested in joining the City Life Police Department, please put in an application under the Police Applications section on the forum. Applications are open periodically, please wait until they are open before posting your application otherwise it will be declined.

Once your application has been reviewed by a member of the CLPD Command Staff you will be asked to complete an interview with a member of Command Staff. The interview will consist of multiple questions designed to gauge your maturity, ability to follow orders and general compatibility with being a police officer. The CLPD Command Staff will then use your answers in the interview to decide the outcome of your application.

If you are fortunate enough to be accepted you will, after the server restart following your application's acceptance, be ready to begin your personal training. FTO, or higher rank, are capable of training new recruits, they will teach you invaluable tools to use on the job and what to do in a vast array of scenarios. A few examples of these include but are not limited to: Normal Traffic Stop Procedure, Law, Marksmanship and Emergency Driving.

Once you have successfully completed your personal training you will be ready to go on patrol and work alone as an Officer of the City Life Police Department. After approximately two weeks of being a Recruit your performance will be evaluated by the CLPD Command Staff, and after this you may or may not be promoted to an Officer, it depends on how they feel you have progressed since joining and if you are capable of representing the CLPD to the high standard they expect from every Officer.

If you would like to know more about becoming a police officer, before you apply, you can talk to any member of the Police Department and ask them about it.

Step to become an officer
- Put in an application. See status or post here[2].
- Wait for the review of your application.
- Wait for the interview and get it done.
- Get accepted.
- Wait for server restart.
- Join the BLUFOR side.
- Start training.